Medical Office Assistant

Two Start Dates: May 17, 2021 & October 18, 2021

This 23-week training program will prepare you to work as a Medical Office Assistant. Previous office experience is not required.

  • Online from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. (Orientation day and First Aid training is in-person in Abbotsford).

  • Builds confidence in medical office procedures and prepare you to present your newly acquired skills in a job interview.

  • Guided every step of the way, so you are ready for your next role as a Medical Office Assistant.

Portrait of a medical office assistant talking on phone while working on computer

Reins of Freedom

The Reins of Freedom program provides skills training, and related supports to People with Disabilities to increase success in the labour market.

This program is employment-focused, working with each person, at their own pace, to discover their interests and needs required to enter the workforce. After assessing the barriers that need to be overcome, participants will learn the tools available and how to access them. A plan based on interests, needs and available services will guide each participant in their journey toward employment. Support, coaching and encouragement are constant throughout the entire program.

Group setting – adhering to Covid-safe protocols – and individualized sessions combine to help get the most of the training and services.