Job Seeker Services

If you are a job seeker looking for assistance, Free Rein can help you develop job skills, offer you career support and more.

Free Rein has friendly, qualified staff who are ready to serve and support you. Please get in touch with us if you are seeking a job and need some expert advice, resources and practical tools to help you get employed.

Services Available Include

Employment Assistance Services

  • Job Search Advice and Counseling
  • Resume and cover letters
  • Short Term Occupation Training (STOC)
  • Access to the Internet
  • Computers
  • Telephone
  • Job Bank and Job Boards

Skills Development

Many Job Seekers are faced with a changing industry, a need for new skills of some other situation which requires them to get new skills to enter the workforce. We can help you to apply for funds to bring back those much-needed skills and enhance your ability to compete in the job market

Wage Subsidies

When you find an employer that is interested in your great attitude but is worried about the need to provide on-the-job training, we can assist with short term funding to employers to cover the costs of those training needs

Job Creation Partnerships

Job Seekers, especially young people often face the challenge of not having much or any work experience. We can connect you with work experiences that will provide you with the essential experience needed to strengthen your resume

PERSON WITH A DISABILITY: If you are designated as a Person with a Disability (PWD) or are unable to work because of a serious career challenge, you may qualify for a skills development benefit. When a person is no longer able to work due to a physical injury or industry change they may qualify for retraining. We can assist you to review your options, develop an application and acquire new skills.